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Baby RenéE FullmoOn....

By Sunday, July 05, 2009 ,

^^... Hey.... short update here...

Well... nvr show my cute little niece on my blog....

So now... im showing everyone the cutest niece of mine!!!!!

wUuuHOooo~!!! hehehe.... =P

One of the pic took on her fullmoOn celebration...

tOok on celebration - 4th July 2009!! But actual day was on 7th July 2009!!!

*she was sleeping whole day on her fullmoon celebration no matter how many ppl was making noise beside her* XD

Damn cute kan???? =P

hehe.... thr will be more photos to be uploaded...


stay tune ya! =P

** tO be continu3 **

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3 talk to us

  1. wei!
    So super Cute!!!

    Can i 'BOOK' u as my future kid full moon party photographer first?

  2. do you own a DSLR camera? all pictures are nice!!

  3. *Josephine* ^^ hehehe... thx u thx u~!! no problem lo!! hahaha... for sure!! =P

    *Viki* yea yea~!!! all those were taken with my dlsr... ^^ n thx a lot... hehe....