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About Us

A lovey dovey couple who realized that they have the same interest in photography and understands the importance of  "Memories" . This is the reason we do what we do.  A picture tells a thousand words, thus thousands of pictures tells? We @ egg-gy.com understands the importance of your big day, be it a wedding, a ROM, a graduation or even a Birthday. 

We strive to provide the best output for our friends. Yes we said Friends but not Customers/Clients as we take our job to the heart thus producing output which we believe will be shared in times to come.

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We - Ah Egg & Shawn
Photography service
- Wedding Actual Day
- Pre-Wedding
- Wedding Proposal 
- Portrait - Family, Baby, Couple.....

She - Ah Egg
Graphic & Web Design
as well as Printing
- Wedding Invitation Cards
- Business Cards
- (any paper printing)