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Bimba & lola + Elle :: Fashion On 1 ::

By Monday, June 01, 2009 ,

Event :: Fashion On 1 @ 1 Utama :: On 1st May 2009 ::
Brand :: Bimba & lola + Elle!!

Located @ G Floor new wing..

Update luuuuuuu!!! Here's the last Fashion On 1 post in my blog loooo.... ^^


--Bimba & lola--

here's the end of the fashion show!!

nx gonna be MDG2....!!


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3 talk to us

  1. pretty models..prettys shots..
    but i see the model model n model at here all the post until sien liao.


  2. kuntong::
    thx u thx u.. LOL.. okok... no more same thing liao lar...
    end ad... XD

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