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2nd Hot Air Balloon Putrajaya' 2010

By Monday, March 22, 2010 ,

Hey yo!! ^^ ah egg is here to update her blog!! 

with BALLOONS!!!!! hehe... kinda sad cant hv leave on the thurday n friday.. 

the weather was so nice but i don get to go.... =(  

so i went to putrajaya on sat & sun.... which the weather was totally disappoint-ing ppl... 

here comes the nite glow session + fireworks ^^.... 

hope u guys likes it lar... 

tat's all for the sat nite glow session + fireworks lo!

nx gonna be ballooooonsss on sunday!
*with really white background like a studio*

c ya....

----To b3 ConTinU3----

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  1. ^^ thx kuntong... omg! i long time nvr blog hop >"<

  2. Amazing shots there Eggy! ^^
    you're skills are improving massively! <3

  3. awww.. thx u babe~ ^^... i will work hard to learn n improve de! ^^